duPont Manual High School communications and media arts magnet


NOTE: Students enrolled in Manual's CMA magnet can take advanced and AP classes in any subject matter, but upper-level CMA classes are only available to CMA students.

Journalism 1/Intro to Mass Communications: This course provides an overview of the mass communications field with an emphasis on journalism and news media. The course examines the various forms of mass media, advertising/public relations, journalism ethics, the mass media's influence on society, and relevant legal issues, among many other topics. Prerequisites: None. This class is required for all CMA students.

Oral Communication/Debate: This class is required for all CMA students but may be taken as an elective by students in other magnets. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of public speaking, create and perform several different kinds of speeches, and become versed in persuasive speaking and debating. Prerequisites: None. This class is required for all CMA students.

Desktop Publishing: In preparation for careers in publishing, students learn the principles of design and how to apply them using various professional software tools from Adobe including InDesign and Photoshop. Students learn a variety of copywriting strategies to apply to their page designs, including those for headline, caption, and advertising copy. This course prepares students for upper-level CMA courses such as yearbook and newspaper classes. Desktop Publishing is a required elective for students in the CMA magnet during sophomore year, but is open to other majors permitting computer availability. Prerequisites: None. This class is required for all CMA students.

Journalism 2: This course is a prerequisite for yearbook, newspaper, and broadcasting. It may be taken concurrently with those classes. Students learn how to write news, features, and editorials. They also learn how to develop a sense of what are news, an understanding of journalism ethics and the responsibilities of journalists and the publications and news outlets for which they write. Students also learn copy editing and broadcast writing skills. Prerequisite: Journalism 1/Intro to Mass Communications. This class is required for all CMA students.

Journalism 3 (Broadcast): The basics of video editing and broadcast journalism are introduced in this class. During the second semester, students will produce news stories to be aired on Manual's weekly TV show Manual AM using digital video cameras and Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. Prerequisites: Journalism 1 & Journalism 2 (can be concurrently enrolled).

Journalism 4 (Broadcast): During the first semester, the seniors in this class will produce news stories to be aired on Manual's weekly TV show Manual AM. During the second semester, students will focus on creating a 15-minute documentary on local issues. Prerequisite: Journalism 3 (Broadcast).

Yearbook: Yearbook is both an elective course and extra-curricular activity for self-motivated students. It operates as a real business that gives students practical experience in print media and marketing. Students compose, construct, and edit all elements of book, including writing copy, taking photos, and designing pages. In addition, students perform clerical operations, sell advertising, conduct interviews, and poll students. Extensive after-school time is expected from each student; students average four hours per week. Students must apply in February through Ms. Palmer, and once accepted, they can apply for a variety of positions from business manager to editor-in-chief. CMA students are given first consideration, but the course is open to students of other magnets depending on the students' experience and space available in the course. Prerequisites: Desktop Publishing, Journalism 2 (can be concurrently enrolled). Other qualifying experience may be considered at Ms. Palmer's discretion.

Newspaper: Students in this course will produce Manual's award-winning student newspaper, The Crimson Record, once every six weeks. Prerequisites: Journalism 1, Journalism 2 (can be concurrently enrolled).

Photojournalism: This course for CMA juniors and seniors focuses on learning how to shoot color and black and white photography with high-end digital cameras. Students learn how to use two different Canon digital cameras, and an array of lenses. Students learn how to shoot sports, news, feature, and portraiture photography. Student work is featured in Manual's yearbook and student newspaper and in the CMA department's on-line magazine.

Multimedia: Students will get hands-on experience in reporting and producing stories for the twenty-first century media environment. Students write and adapt stories for an online audience at using non-linear storytelling methods, utilizing Adobe professional software such as Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Flash, and Soundbooth. Projects and activities will include: news blogging, creating slide shows that incorporate still pictures with natural sound and interviews, editing video clips and audio clips for podcasting, and assembling video, audio, still pictures, text, and graphics together in a complete multimedia package for web publishing. Prior enrollment in photojournalism and broadcast journalism is suggested for those applying for editor positions, but not required as prerequisites.

Advanced Debate: This class is for members of Manual's debate team and may only be taken with special permission from the debate coach.

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