Pentax K-1000Pentax K1000

This film-based camera is my go-to camera. It has a manual exposure control. It is completely functionable without batteries, however, batteries are required for the light meter. This camera also has a focusing screen on the viewfinder. This helps ensure complete and ultimate focus in each and every shot.

Polaroid One600Polaroid One600

This instant camera is easy to use. The film-loading process is easy. Taking pictures only takes one click. The development is fast (within one minute). It offers an authentic and vintage appearance to photographs. This model of Polaroid camera was produced in 2004. This cultural icon is a staple in households and cannot be found in the general market anymore, therefore its rarity makes for beautiful and interestingly diverse photographs.


Samsung s860Samsung S860

My digital camera of choice, the Samsung S860 is easy to use and produces beautiful prints. This takes the standara type of SDHC memory card, has a 5x digital zoom feature, comes in a variety of pleasant and fun colors, has excellent picture quality. The pictures are easily uploaded to the computer, which means instant access to Photoshop for editting purposes.