Piracy and You

Piracy goes under several definitions but more than often it's defined as when someone puts up copyrighted material on the internet for others to download. Piracy is considered controversion as anything can be uploaded from pictures to songs to movies and games and then dowloaded for free.
The main issue most have with piracy is avoiding charges of copyright infringiment and stealing. In general, most downloading and torrent sites know they're operating on a very gray area and rely on several methods, from legal loopholes to flat out hoping that no one rats them out. The main danger tat users face is the risk in downloading and uploading to public websites.

On dowloading

  • Check the site's reputation, you don't want to downlaod from a video site well known for hiding spyware in their links.
  • Know your rights and the nature of your downloads. Some artists don't care if you pay and some producers are happy to know that the site gives them free advertising.
  • If you can't avoid trouble, just pay up. Several services offered by companies, such as Steam, make access to content easy.

On uploading

  • Avoid uploading copyrighted material to big sites like YouTube where coporations can see and remove your content.
  • Despite popular belief, giving credit to a company or an artist doesn't automatically clear you of any copyright charges.
  • If you know that the content you're trying to upload has been taken down multiple times, it's futile to upload it.
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