To Watch for Predators

Online predators are a complicated bunch. While their motives vary, theri advances are often unwelcome and their goal is often illicit. Whether they're out for sexual gratification or much worse, they will not make any of this obvious. The recent surge against pedophilia and fearmongering towards online interactions has made them paranoid and even more reclusive/ Despie this , teir ability to decive fools many.

Finding a Predator

  • Chat Rooms (based on interest)
  • Look for child oriented screen names
  • Search through SN profiles
  • Strike up a conversation
  • Show interest and gain their trust

Predator Warning Signs

  • Spends a lot of time online
  • Conversations for from trivial subjects to more sexual ones.
  • They will often ask for pictures and very rarely do they provide any of themselves.
  • Excessive attention
  • They will bring up meeting in real life, either in their home or on a secluded spot.