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An Introduction

The internet is a vast global system that allows more than 2 billion
gain access to a nearly limitless amount of information, as well as
communicate with people on the other side of the global. Despite all
the positives that come with the internet, people (kids,teens, adults,etc)
must take precautions as not everyone uses the internet to have. In
order toprotect yourself and your personal information there are things to do.

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The term netiquette refers to a set of social conventions that
slightly vary from community to community and are meant to minimize
the effort required to read posts and threads. There are however some
basic rules that most sites include.

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Cyber Bullying

What is it?

Cyber bullying is the use of the internet and other related technology to
harm people. Cyber bullying can be as simple as comstantly sending hate e-mails
to someone which may contain threats or even sexual remarks. It can also be
the disclosing of someones personal information in order to hurt them. As
cyber bullying has become more prevalent, awareness campaigns have arisen to
to combat bullying.

How to prevent it.

Educating kids about the consequences of cyber bullying like losing their
ISP accounts, as well as teaching them to respect others can help aid in
the prevention of cyber bullying.

Taking action

Unfortunately there is no one sitze fits all when it comes to cyber bullying
,so actions taken must vary to fit the specific situation. Despite this there
are a few ways to stop it once it 's started. One important part is telling a
or an adult you trust and for friends who know that this is going on, to not
stay silent.

The Law

Depending on the level of cyber bullying an ISP provider or law enforcement
may need to get involved. Some questions to ask yourself are the kind of threat,
the frequency of threats, the source of the threats and the nature.

Type of Threat


Source of Threat

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How do online predators work?

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How can your kids reduce the risk of being victimized?

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Be Ethical

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E-mails (DON'Ts)

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Ethical issues on the internet are a major factor in surfing the web. Many people Hack, Pirate downloads, Behave maliciously, and most of all join in on unlawful activities. You can avoid these by:

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Internet Safety
the Facts
  • There are more than 2 billion
    internet users
  • When using the net you must
    take precautions
  • Not everyone aims to have
    fun and some intend to do harm
  • Protecting personal information
    is an acitve not passive battle

More Info on Cyberbullying

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