Internet Safety

Appropriate Behavior


  1. When sending emails don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to the persons face.
  2. Don’t spam (No one will ever email you again).
  3. Keep it appropriate. Don’t send anything with explicit content.


    Hacking is illegal in most countries because of the invasion of privacy which can occur from hacking. The other main issue is damage, either manually or through viruses. Deleting specific files can render a computer useless in a matter of minutes. There are some countries or states which do not press charges for hacking because they consider it just another advance in computer technology. However, even if you live in a state where hacking is legal (which is unlikely), unless the company, website, or indivual is based in that country you must abide by international rules.

  1. Hacking into hidden or password protected pages of a website.
  2. Hacking into other people’s computers while they are online.
  3. Hacking into company servers to read important information or distribute viruses.