The Safety Crew

Online Behavior



Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated Type in all caps. It is considered shouting and can worry the receiver.
Remember that laws in "real life" still apply when you’re on the web. Open unknown attachments, fake e-cards, random popups (on malicious websites), freeware utilities, and unknown links.
Consider your audience and use appropriate language. Take another private and personal information.
Be truthful, do not lie about who you are. Be involved in chain emails.
Be expressive in your communication, but not obnoxiously so. Use smileys (emoticons) like: :) to indicate your intended tone of voice. But use sparingly. Entice a "flame" and participate in "flamefests" by sending a message that provokes an angry, nasty response.
NEVER impersonate someone else. Everybody else is already taken. It is never okay to act like anyone else but yourself. Use offensive language, especially comments/jokes that could be considered racist or sexist.
When leaving your computer, laptop, or anything that someone can get on and impersonate you with, log off. Click malicious code that is found in parts of a site not controlled a site’s owner, such as in banner ads and widgets.
Be careful about what you send and forgiving in what you receive. Post a message more than once or those whose sole purpose is to sucker others into an irrelevant or unimportant discussion.
Try to take a break being online every hour or so. Read a book, eat a healthy snack, go outside, work on your project/homework, talk to your parents, etc. Send a mass, junk e-mail to people who might have no interest in it.
If someone makes you mad online, wait a few moments before replying. If you snap at them, just as they did to you, you are no better than they are. Take a few moments to calm down. Then you can decide whether or not you want to reaply or not. Chastise others for their online typos because errors will occur and it is unnecessary to embarrass another cybercitizen.


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