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Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is 'the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.' Cyber Bullying is a common occurence today, especially with all the communication technologies avaliable today. It is important that when it is found that you stop the bully immediately in order to avoid harm. It is also important that we teach children and adults how to prevent future occurences of online bullying.


Prevent cyberbullying by telling your kids that some information should best be kept in private, and not seen by everyone on their friends list. Also, by teaching them to respect others, and not to target someone, or bully themselves. They should "treat others the way they wish to be treated," even if a bully starts to harass them.

Stopping and Reporting

If one is ever bullied, they should save the evidence and report it immediately.


How you report a bully if they ever harrass you via email, you can either save the emails in a file, or you can take screenshots of said emails and make a complaint, or, if you know the bully outside of the online world, show the emails to a higher up power (teacher, boss, parent, etc).


If one is ever bullied in a chatroom, they should also take screen shots, or select some sort of evidence of the bully in the act. Then, they should notify the admin(s) of the harrassment and show them the evidence.

Regular Website

If bullied on any sort of websites besides the ones listed above, one should take screenshots (yes, again. Redundant, we know) and find a link to contact the company. Make sure you have the persons name and the date/time that the messages were sent. Never reply to bullying/threatening messages. Bullies live on fear and if there is none that is shown, they will eventually leave their victim(s) alone.

Text Messages on cellphones

Save the messages and record the date or time they are received. You can show your mobile company and have the number blocked, and you should show someone that could help you end the situation (teacher, boss, parents, etc).

Are you a Cyber Bully?

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