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The Importance of Support Groups

Dear Bully

This website is based off the book, DEAR BULLY: 70 AUTHORS TELL THEIR STORIES, which is a book that is filled with writing pieces that can range from stories about being bullied, letters to their bullies, and even poems about bullying. On there, they post a new writing pieces that is not in the book from artists, writers, and even regular people. It really helps to know that you are NOT alone and that it does get better.

This website is very helpful when dealing with bullying. It helps you learn the facts about it, and you can even take a bullying course. You can read other peoples stories, and submit your own, with promising replies. There are also support groups that you can get into, to help you get through this rough patch in your life. When being bullied, do not weep by yourself. There are others that you can help, and others that will help you.

Your Life, Your Voice

This website is especially for teens. You can check out tips on how to deal with stressful situations, dealing with family, and bullying. You can also live chat with therapists Mon-Thurs. It has polls, telephone numbers that you can call when you're feeling down, and you ca even start your own journal. It also has thank you letters from kids who were previously bullied, and learned to muddle through it.

Daily Strength

This website is just basically a giant support group. You can make your own post, and someone always replies to it, hoping to help you out. You can write anything you want, whether it's what your bully does, that you bully, or that a kid, friend, family member of yours is being bullied themselves. It's very helpful to seek help from others to know that you aren't alone and that even people that you've never met care about you.


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