Keep your personal information safe by not giving out it out to those you don't trust. Only provide such information so companies or people you already know are secure and trusted.

Online Scams

Set up fronts to steal your money. Tips to Avoid Online Scams:
  • Never Click a Link to Your Bank or Financial Institution From an Email
  • Never Give Out Your Email Password and Always Use Strong Passwords (and Secret Questions)
  • Do Not Buy Anything from an Email You Didn't Ask For
  • Watch Out for Job Postings That Look Too Good
  • Do Not Give Out Your Personal Info or Social Security Number
  • Learn to Use a Modern Browser's Security Features
  • Ignore Web Site Popups

Identity Theft

Set up fronts to get your personal information and steal your identity to use themselves. Tips to Avoid Identity Theft:
  • Don't send sensitive information such as credit card numbers by email, since it's not secure
  • Look for clues about security on Web sites
  • At the point where you are asked to provide your financial or other sensitive information, the letters at the beginning of the address bar at the top of the screen should change from "http" to "https" or "shttp."
Tell parents so they can stop it before a problem occurs or reverse any damage made.

National Cyber Security Alliance
Business Software Alliance


Created by: Jeremy Wideman and Jess Witten