What is Personal Information?

Personal information includes things like telephone numbers, addresses, full names, what school you attend, pictures, or anything else that identifies the child from other internet users. Keeping personal informations safe is easy: just don't give it out. Ever.

Online Scams

A lot of people are tempted to give out their personal information to online scams, who then use the inforamtion to steal things from you. When someone doing this pretends to be a legitimate business, it is called phishing, wich is illegal.

Providing Personal Information

Sometimes, it is necessary that you provide personal information online. However, you need to be really careful befre you do it and make sure that the site you are using is safe and secure. Another consideration is if the company you provide your personal information to will give it away to other people.

Keeping Your Child Safe

In order to keep your child safe, you need to educate him or her so that he or she doesn't give out any kind of personal information. Also, monitor your child's activities to make sure that no one creepy is trying to get their personal information to use it for bad reasons. Keep your bank account numbers and credit card numbers away from your children to make sure that they don't give your money away.

Identity Theft

One common online scam involves acquiring an internet user's personal information in order to pretend to be them. It is identity theft when some steals your information and uses it to do things like spend your money.

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