What is an Online Predator?

An online predator is usually an adult Internet user who exploits vulnerable children or teens, usually for sexual or other abusive purposes. Online predators can be children too, but usually they are adults because adults are more experienced on the internet and can do bad things and children are naive.

How to Avoid Online Predators

One of the best ways to avoid online predators is to not give away personal information. Refer to the page concerning keeping personal information safe for tips on how to avoid online predators. Another good way to avoid online predators is to stay out of chat rooms. Not all chat rooms are dangerous, but many are. Online predators can easily use chat rooms to lure children to do bad things.

Things to Remember Concerning Online Predators

When posting live about yourself online, be careful not to give too much away about where you are, or else online predators will be able to find you. Especially do not give that information away if you are alone in public or private.

Meeting Strangers Online

It is sometimes difficult to recognize online predators, because many of them are really good at disguising themselves. Everyone needs to be cautious when meeting others online, because you never know who is who. Even a picture of a person can be fake, so don’t let an online predator fool you by letting him or her send you a picture and actually believing that it is a picture of him or her.

Uncomfortable Situations

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation that you are unable to get out of, report it to an adult immediately. If anyone does something inappropriate, sign off to avoid involvement and tell a trusted adult. Even if they cannot fix the situation, they will be able to administer advice to you based on the circumstances.

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