Internet Safety

Keeping Personal Information safe is not that hard to do as long as these few steps are followed:
  • Make sure that both you and your child understand the safety regulations of each website you visit, which means how much of your personal information will be shared publicly
  • The most commonly understood rule, which is to just never give out your information, is the most important rule to follow
  • Call and ask your internet provider if there are any ways to restrict the sites that are allowed to be visited (very simple to do)
  • Keep the computer out of your child's room and put it in a family room so it is easier to monitor the child's actions

  • A good quote to follow:

    "Once you put something on the Internet, it is available for the world to see. No matter what guarantees are made, it is a mistake to post anything on the Internet that you would not want your parents, teachers, other friends, neighbors, or employers to see."