Internet Safety

  • Children unaware of the hidden dangers of the Internet = easy prey for online predators
  • Many online predators will attempt to curry favor with children by sending expensive gifts to their home address. This is one of the primary reasons why parents must insist that children NEVER give out their personal information online
  • Predators can seem supportive and understanding to kids who need to talk about their sexual identity issues, when in reality, they are simply gathering information to use against them in the future
  • Online predators will gather at sites and chat rooms where kids come to talk about their problems at school or in the home. This is where these kids are most vulnerable to a predator's tactics
  • Many online predators move slowly, befriending the young person before moving in for a meeting or sexual discussions online
  • Parents should learn everything they can about online predators and cyberbullying, then share that information in an open and honest dialogue with their children
  • Many kids who encounter online predators never tell an adult because they are too embarrassed