General Safety

Think smart and logically

Providing Personal Information

Sharing personal information with others is one of your biggest risks online. Do not share your 1. Address and Phone Number 2. Names of family members 3. Information about your car 4. Information about work history and credit status 5. social security numbers

Online Scams

Beside phishing scams to steal your identity and money, there are also other scams to kill your computer and make you sad over all. Don't click on sketchy advertisments that you get in your email because chances are you will get a virus. Examples of things not to click include, desperate pleas for help, offering free money, an intriguing picture or video, and timely warnings.

Identity Theft

It's not what you have in your bank account that interests a criminal, it's how far they can put you into debt. Your money isn't the only part of your reputaion that criminals may be interested in, either. Your repuation and photos are other aspects of your identity that can be stolen. Social security numbers ARE NOT FOR THE WORLD TO KNOW.

Open Communcation

Make sure that you communicate with your child. The more you communicate with your child about what they do online, the less chance they have of getting hurt.

Parental Resources