Potential Partners

Any horseracing fans, whether new or novice, or long time veterans of the sport of kings, anyone with a passion for the game of thoroughbred racing can become an owner.

Ownership Expectations

Race horse ownership is a high-risk investment. If you are purchasing a partnership interest primarily to make a profit, don’t! Most horses lose money, some more or less break even, a few are very successful. We hope to claim one of the few, but can’t guarantee that. If, however, you measure success in the thrills and excitement of thoroughbred racing, sharing in the highs and lows of a horse’s career, and celebrating the pageantry that is horse racing from an insider’s view, that can be guaranteed.

Benefits of Ownership

  • Always welcome to the training facility, paddock for the pre-race saddling, and hopefully, to the winners circle for a photograph with our winning steed.
  • Bi-weekly updates via email of the horses' progress, workouts, entries, results etc.
  • Quarterly to Monthly financial statements sent via email
  • Partners owning at least 4% interest must be licensed in Kentucky. The cost is currently $150. Your license entitles you and a guest free admission and parking to any Kentucky racetrack.
  • All principle partners will receive a K-1 form to report earnings/losses on their taxes. Usually these are sent by the end of February.
Partner Shares Partner Shares
Michael Motley 1.1 Mike Mick 1
5006 E Manslick Rd. 40219   5236 Harbor Ridge Ct. Lady Lake, FL. 32159  
Mick.motley@insightbb.com   jmmick@corncast.net  

Jim Woosley


Tom Trimbur et al

153 Gardiner Lake Rd. 40205   8001 Weyanoke Ct. Prospect, KY 40059  
jrwoosley@man.com   trt124@insightbb.com  

Dave Gantt et al


Steve Kamber et al

7106 Blazier Ct. 40228   4612 Portico Ct. 40299  
David.gnatt@ge.com   skamver423@insightbb.com  

Jim Macaluso et al


Gerald Priddy

6614 Hollow Tree Rd. 40228   7915 Oswego Cir. 40214  
j.macaluso@insightbb.com   danapriddy@insightbb.com  

Share Members  
Malcaluso et al  
Jim Macaluso j.macaluso@insightbb.com 0.25
Joe Macaluso macderby@msn.com 0.25

Gantt et al
Dave Gant david.gantt@ge.com 0.2
Steve Mazzoni se.mazzoni@insightbb.com 0.2
David Peterworth davidp@insightbb.com 0.2
Ronnie/Robin Shartzer rrshart@aol.com 0.2
Ryan/Tawnya Clark-Evans tclark@worldbridgepa.com 0.2
Jerry/Pat Sturgeon sturgeronjp@insightbb.com 0.2
Cecilia Mazzoni 0.2
Share Members

Kamber et al
Steve Kamber skamber423@insightbb.com 0.2
Larry Gallahue legallahue@bellsouth.net 0.2
Mike Romero mhrome@insightbb.com 0.2
Chris Noll 0.2
Mark/Terry Smith 0.2

Trimbur et al
Tom Trimbur trt124@insightbb.com 0.34
Mike Armendt marmendth@ups.com 0.33
Stephanie Shea sshea16@twcny.rr.com 0.33