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be successful.
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JCPS no longer includes test score
information on your high school

If you have not already done so,
remember to contact ACT or the
College Board for SAT to have your
scores sent on to the colleges you
are applying to - otherwise your
application will be considered
incomplete and they will not act on it
until they have received all of this

You send these scores directly from
the websites for ACT and the
College Board.

Ensure your success by coming
to class with textbook, paper,
and pencil or pen. It is hard to
do the work if you don't have the
necessary supplies.
duPont Manual High School
120 West Lee Street,
Louisville, Kentucky 40208

Main Office at Manual
(502) 485-8241

Main Office at YPAS
(502) 485-8355

Attendance Office
(502) 485-8044

Guidance Office (Manual)
(502) 485-8503

Guidance Office (YPAS)
(502) 485-8534

Homework Hotline

Parent Assistance Center

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Math is not a spectator sport.
You cannot learn math just by
watching other people do it;
your must participate.