Math, Science, & Technology Philosophy:

The Math Science Technology Program was created in 1984 and is designed to provide a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to be successful in any academic program (especially engineering, science, or math programs) at any college in the country. The entering Math Science Technology students are expected to have demonstrated strong academic achievement prior to entering the program. The teachers in each of the three disciplines are expected to teach beyond the normal advanced program, pushing students to high levels of academic achievement. Academic rigor and research is expected of all teachers through the use of challenging homework, projects, classwork, and extracurricular activities that will develop good problem solving and critical-thinking skills. Hard work is expected to be the norm not the exception of teachers and students alike.


The Math Science Technology magnet is equipped with four "state-of-the art" laboratories. The chemistry and physics laboratories have computer interfaces at each lab station. Supporting the science laboratories are several computer facilities, a combination which is unique in the state.

Special Programs:

Students who achieve at high levels may qualify to take classes at the University of Louisville. Manual students participate in many science and math competitions. They are active at the Science Olympiad, Kentucky Junior Science and Humanities Competition, Kentucky Junior Academy of Science, Louisville Regional Science Fair, Intel Talent Search, National Science Bowl, and Science /Math Proficiency Competition. Manual offers the American High School Math Examination and sponsors a Math team.

Student Achievements:

Math Science Technology students win numerous local, state, and national awards. The Computer Science Team has garnered national and international honors. Students have also won numerous International Awards for their science research. Students in this Math Science Technology Program demonstrate their talents, potential for success in a rigorous program, and commitment to academic excellence. They have won the National Science Bowl Championship. Many of these students go on to become physicians, engineers, and computer techs.


Manual graduates attend all the major Kentucky colleges, many in honors programs. Recent graduates also attend: Carnegie Mellon, Cal Tech, M.I.T., Purdue University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., Stanford University, U.S. Air Force & Naval Academies, Cornell in Washington, Harvard, and Yale.

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